UV coating machine

24inches uv coating machine with stand

24inches uv coating machine with stand
24inches uv coating machine with stand Display pictures2


24 inches Paper UV coating machine is the newest design
Technical parameters: 
Size: 24 inches
Model: KS-LM650B
Coating width: 635mm
Coating thickness: 0.2-4mm
Coating speed: 12m/min
Drying system: Go through IR light and then by UV light
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Power: 4.2kw
Available to various medium (non-watertight paper, waterproof paper, chrome paper, laser sheet, etc. )The machine speed and medium thickness can be controled. Press key can change glossing side and another side. The important parts inside are used stainless steel with extraordinary reliability and effective cost to improve the picture sharpness and Significantly reduce costs. 
The machine is widely used in digital image, wedding photography gallery, color photoprint, lsaer print, graphic output, digital printing, photo output, etc. Desighed with laminating rollers and laminating flexible settings, it can autoadapt to paper thickness of coating(0.2-5mm). Change rollers conveniently and fastly with doctor blade 
1, Exquisite appearance design
Delicate design with small occupation which can save shipping cost, easy handing, changing the complicated operation and bulky machine features
2, Humanized design
A, the outket is made of aluminum alloy(rust-proof) withthe automatically recycle system, reducing the UV liquid consumption and UV liquid frequently
B, the scraping board is made of unique material, more convenient for clients. No need to clean everyday and no hurt the photos
C, the machine adopts the worm wheel design, to ensure all rollers can move at the same time and have evenly coating thickness
 D, the interal design of coating machine, ultraviolet linght is sealed and shielded and heat evenly, so that the UV liguid can be solidified in a short time
3, low cost with high efficency
Precision roller' design, coating evenly, the coating cost is RMB 0.35~0.50/m2
4, range of application
Special material of double screw design. UV light is shielded competely and the photos are drying quickly and fast

Model KS-LM650B
Coating width 635mm
Coating thickness 0.2-3mm
Coating speed 0-10M/Min
Drying system uv light
Voltage 220v/50hz,  110v/60hz
Power 4.2kw
Machine size 1320*1020*1150mm
Packaging size 1120*1080*1250mm
N.W / G.W 180KG/230KG


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