UV coating machine

12inches uv coating machine

12inches uv coating machine
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This Dsektop Paper UV coating machine  is the newest design
At present the products of  UV coating machines  used for Photo laser print, ink print, Art paper and stick paper
The unique  automatic system of submission uv of a varnish, varnish can be used repeatedly. to varnish it is possible various surfaces. the machine compact also is simple in use. thickness and speed of varnishing are adjusted.
consumables:  uv varnish.
it has glossy and matte two kinds. and it is low smell and can keep about one year.
the cost is about RMB 0.3/m2 
it is less cost than the film for laminating machine


Size  12inches
Model KS-LM320A
Coating width 320mm
Coating thickness 0.2-4mm
Coating speed 0-10m/min
Drying system by UV light
Voltage AC220V/50HZ
Power 2.2kw


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