Teach you how to see the album styles in the studio album

For the album pages, there are many ways of making, generally divided into the following:
1, forming a photo album inside pages
Because this album is messy, high cost, expensive cost, mostly used to married couples wedding for the album, but not the general price you can do, at least 3000 yuan of dress will give you this book, if do alone, small are also said to be more than 200 yuan. 2000 yuan greatly is not strange, the first is the book no man can not rely on machines and equipment (a set of equipment about 2500-3000) to make, therefore, this kind of album pages in my talk today, I first introduced range, low cost, easy to manufacture, can let the user to your family photo album pages.
Let's take a look at the features of the inner pages of the one-piece album:
2, white pages
This page is directly by the white cardboard cutting machine cutting can be, without any edge processing, Handmade, it is necessary to snap photos of white cardboard edge was beautiful, therefore, relatively high on hand but begged, after completion of production, is very beautiful, somewhat similar to integrated album function.
Because there is no edge, assuming bigger angle album, very simple damage, so, this kind of white card used in mini album, especially mini album (Zhang Zhongbao), choose this way simply all white.
Let's look at the white pages appearance:
3, wrapping inside pages
This page is based on the white card machine to the page edge is covered with a layer of aluminum foil, this can be useful to avoid edge flipping due to the long time hair, and can play the moisture, to avoid damp deformation page. There is also a useful function is when the paste photograph in manual, opposite the double-sided adhesive tape assuming photo askew, can also remove photos without damaging the white paper base. This method is more commonly seen in albums below 5x7.
Let's have a look at the inside pages of the package:
4 、 inside page of package angle;
If the album is big, some of the first bad ones must be corners, so the emphasis on protecting the corner is the top priority. So, each page will have two metal wrap angle, let the dog does not destroy the stable! And for the sake of safety, the metal corner fillet processing, in turning time let feel more carefree, this method is more common in 5x7 more than the size of the photo album.
Let's see inside the corner of the package:
This is a general studio to do photo albums with semi-finished pages, the page has been covered with hemming
Of course, many members of the photo processing network ask me if the inside pages of the album can be made by themselves What material can be used?
According to the general dream, as if the album page is very simple, you can do it yourself. In fact, if there is no professional equipment, it is very difficult for home users to do it by hand. First of all, the questions facing are "folding" and "cutting", and the "cutting" is the most difficult.
"Fold" the difficulty lies in the selection of materials, said it is very messy, so I'll pick the most we see;
If you buy a hard card, in hand finished, turned several back, the card will be broken, and the local folding drum will be up, especially after the photo, even all the brochure cannot fold. The factor that makes up this is that there is no "indentation machine" indentation. There are two purposes of indentation. One is that the pressed cardboard becomes flexible and can be damaged by repeated turns. The two is the result of the indentation of the cardboard, you have a difficult to pay attention to the width of the width is in order to hold back the photo thickness, therefore, less indentation this step, of course there will be some disadvantages and achievements.
A manual indentation machine of professional factory price: about 1500 yuan, the small household should be around 200 yuan.
"Cut", then it is more professional, if you want your brochure to do like bite out, or the same as Xiangshan cliff bump, then you hand cut it.
Because the manual cutting machine album a professional entry price of about 8000 yuan (now also found no domestic cutting machine), his role is to put a thick stack of smooth and clean cardboard card rub cut neat, make sure that two angle 90 degrees. Let the cutting side be as smooth as the front of the cardboard. If you are a cutting expert, I believe you can cut a level that can be reached.
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