The film machine using the common troubles and solutions in the process of

1. heating system
(1) heating is slow: the temperature indicator (OUT1) yellow light is in the light, please check the index of the ammeter above, such as the index is not possible: the heating area during which a burned out, heating area in which a piece of wire fault.
(2) no heating: the contactor is broken, the heating line is loose, and the temperature meter is broken.
2. frequency converter alarm
If the roll diameter is not input, the frequency converter alarm will be formed. The alarm screen will be reset in the main operation screen.
3. buffer pendulum rod unstable
(1) the diameter of the reel is not input, the diameter is measured from the beginning.
(2) buffer swing rod potentiometer shift, solve: set the tension reset, swing lever straight, in the pendulum rod potentiometer gear adjustment until the main screen, swing bar, azimuth display 50 stop.
4. electrical fault
Please show some electrical fault after the first check the input power, and then view the peripheral line, then check the corresponding controller; inverter, PLC itself with various maintenance function, under normal circumstances would not appear serious fault.
(1): when a fault. The inverter inverter in the present fault after the automatic deceleration stop; see "troubleshooting" some inverter manual, accordingly, reset show fault inverter, reboot.
(2).PLC faults: PLC itself is usually very prone to failures. When the fault occurs, the PLC host on the right "PROG-E" indicator light often; see the input and output point of the peripheral circuit is short circuit, the PLC operation power supply power reduction can be reset.
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