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The printing color order refers to the order in which the printing units are printed in monochrome units. For example, a four color printing machine or a two-color printer is subject to the influence of color order. Popularly speaking, it is to adopt the different color order arrangement in the printing, the result printed out is not the same, sometimes the printing color order decides whether a printed matter is beautiful or not. Here are the factors that influence the proper arrangement of printed colors and the principles to be followed.
Two, the main reason for the arrangement of printing colors:
There are three main reasons that lead to the arrangement of printing color order:
1. effects of ink to overprint and other defects of the ink pigment;
2. quality of paper;
3. the ability of human eyes to recognize colors.
One of the most fundamental reason is the printing ink itself is not completely transparent, the ink itself covers, after printing ink on the first printed ink layer with a certain coverage in print colour always focusing on performance of a color, or color is mixed on color after and before color.
Two, the factors affecting the printing color order:
1. from the ink transparency considerations
The transparency of the ink is related to the hiding power of the pigment in the ink. The so-called ink zhegaili refers to ink for ink cover bottom cover. Poor ink transparency and strong hiding power, high covering power, the Mexican oil lightness difference. Generally speaking, the difference is zhegaili strong transparency on the back of printing ink, so as not to put before the printing ink for color reproduction brilliance cover. Relationship between ink transparency: Y>M>C>BK.
2. consider the brightness of the ink
Low brightness jump, high brightness after printing, which is the first printing ink deep, shallow ink after printing. Because the higher the brightness, the higher the reflectivity, reflecting the more brightly colored, and in the dark overprint light, appear micro overprinter is not conspicuous, but if in light colored sets of dark color will be exposed. In general, the brightness of the ink size relationship: Y>C>M>BK.
3. from the ink drying speed considerations
Slow drying of the first print, fast after india. If the first fast printing, for monochrome machine, because it is very easy to wet dry, vitrification, is not conducive to immobilization; for multi-color machine, not only not conducive to ink overprint, also easy to cause other ills, such as back pollution etc.. Ink drying speed is 2 times faster Bihong order: yellow, red 1 times faster than the slowest green, black.
4. consider the nature of the paper
1) the surface strength of the paper.
Paper surface strength refers to the surface of the paper fiber and fiber, fiber and rubber, filler between the binding force. The greater the bonding force and the higher the surface strength, the more commonly used in the printing of the powder, the degree of hair loss to measure. For the intensity on the surface, which is the combination of force, not easy shedding, hair of the paper, we should first printing ink viscosity, the viscosity of the article on one color printing is also conducive to overprint.
2) for the good whiteness of the paper, it should be printed dark, then printed light.
3) for rough and loose paper, first print light color, then print dark color.
5., from the net area occupancy rate
The dot area is small before printing and dot area is large. The printed images are richer in color, more distinct in level and favorable for reproduction of dots.
6. take into account the characteristics of the original manuscript itself
Generally speaking, originals can be divided into warm tone originals and cold tone originals. Jump of the original should be printed on the black and green, magenta and yellow after printing; to cool the manuscript should be printed after India magenta, black and green. This will give prominence to the level of the dominant hue.
7. consider mechanical properties
Because the offset models don't like the way to overprint,, there are certain differences. We know that the monochrome machine "wet dry", overprint, and multi-color machine is the "wet" and "dry wet combination sets, overprint form, they set, overprint effect is not the same. In general, the color order of the monochrome machine is: first print the yellow, then print the magenta, cyan and black prints in turn.
Three, the printing color order must follow the principle:
The color sequence of printing will directly affect the quality of printed products. In order to obtain good replication effects, the following principles must be observed:
1. according to the lightness of the three primary colors, the order of colors: the brightness of the tricolor ink is reflected in the spectrophotometric curve of the tricolor ink, and the higher the reflectivity, the higher the brightness of the ink. Therefore, the brightness of the three primary ink is: Yellow > Green > magenta > black.
2. arrange the color order according to the transparency and hiding power of the primary color ink: the transparency and hiding power of the ink depend on the difference of the refractive index between the pigment and the connecting material. Covering ink strong of laminated color color after the impact, as it is not easy to show the correct color overprint colors, color mixing effect is not up to the good. Therefore, the poor transparency of the ink first printed, transparent after india.
3., according to the size of the dot array color sequence: in general circumstances, small dot size of the first print, dot area after the big print.
4. according to the original features of the color sequence arrangement: each manuscript has different characteristics, some are warm, some are cold. In order to get a color, the first black, green, red, yellow print; in cold the first printed after the red, green and india.
5., according to different equipment arrangement color order: in general, monochrome or two-color machine printing color order to clear dark color alternating should be suitable; four color printing machine usually print dark color, and then print bright colors.
6. according to the properties of the paper are: color paper smoothness, whiteness, compactness and surface strength are different, flat, tight paper before printing printing after dark, coarse and bright; loose paper, first printed bright yellow ink, printing after dark
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