Basic knowledge of camera device

Multi camera & device Basics
1 what's the small dial around the viewfinder?
Small dial around the A: viewfinder viewfinder is used for conditioning the diopter, the equivalent of the viewfinder glasses have myopia and hyperopia, presbyopia and other eye problems photography enthusiasts can also use normal viewfinder. In some of the camera, the dial may be viewfinder (shield cover is arranged in the viewfinder eyepiece on the cover). If the dial cannot be found, you can test remove the viewfinder shield. In myopia, the dial can be adjusted to the negative, while the hyperopia is adjusted forward. Observe the viewfinder and adjust it until the object appears most clearly in the viewfinder.
2 what effect does the depth of field preview button have?
When A: takes a picture, the image seen in the optical viewfinder is the screen with full aperture. Therefore, if the aperture is shortened, the preview in the viewfinder is different from the photograph taken by the practice, and the setting is not the same. To admit the depth of field in the viewfinder, you can press the preview button while staring at the viewfinder. If the camera shortens the aperture at this time, the image in the viewfinder will darken, but you can preview the virtual status and focus range of the camera under the aperture.
3 do you need to close the camera's power supply when you replace the camera?
It's common sense for A: to block camera power when it comes to replacing lenses. When the digital SLR camera turns on the power supply, the camera and lens are in a state of communication (communication). And the power switch has reset function, not only can view the lens and memory card status, but also can perform the initialization of the jitter compensation function.
Of course, even if the camera is removed when the power is switched on, the camera will also check the status of the camera's bayonet, which will normally not cause any problems. However, if the camera system is disturbed because of the wrong operation, some valuable photo opportunities may be missed. Therefore, if there is any surplus at any moment, the replacement lens should still adhere to the correct "code of practice" to prevent the occurrence of certain accidents. In addition, as with the replacement lens, the replacement of the memory card is best performed in the case of a closed power supply. We still need to be careful, in case of unexpected accidents, data loss.
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